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                WELCOME TO BE PARTNERS


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                Guangzhou Vbio Pharma Co., Ltd.

                Guangzhou Vbio Pharma Co., Ltd. (hereafter as Vbio-Pharma) is a Sino-Canada joint-venture high-tech biopharmaceutical enterprise. It has its own R&D capability, Located at Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District, Vbio-Pharma possesses GMP manufacturing facilities, competent R&D team, production team and sales networking throughout China. 

                Specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of APIs and their pharmaceutical preparations for animal reproduction. Vbio-Pharma possesses a complete animal reproduction hormone range products. Including:

                APIs : long-acting recombinant FSH(LA-rFSH), PMSG, and HCG, etc.. 
                Pharmaceutical preparations include VFG600(R)( LA-rFSH+HCG)、优蕴康(R)(PMSG)、好韵宝(R)(HCG)、蕴立得(R)(GnRH)and利生舒(R)(PGc), etc..

                The management team is experienced on biologics research, has established technology platforms for scale-up purification of native proteins and for production of long-acting recombinant proteins, such as the API PMSG and long-acting recombinant FSH with independent intellectual property rights, etc. The API PMSG in-house quality standard complies with the European Pharmacopoeia. The innovative drug long-acting recombinant FSH, which is made by scale-up cell production through bioreactor and protein purification, has been proved significantly efficient in  large-scale clinical trials  at Wens Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd..

                The products have been widely used in reproduction management of various animals species, such as in sows, in dairy cows and in sheep.  They  significantly improve estrus rate and conception rate when used for inducing estrus, TAI (timed artificial insemination) and batch production management. In addition, HCG is also utilized in promotion of ovulation in fishes. 

                Vbio-Pharmais committed to be the leader of Chinese veterinary biologics industry ,and hasbeen honored the top brand for animal reproduction field in China.

                APIs Products for pigs Products for for cattle Products for aquatic animal
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                    Guangzhou Weisheng Medicine Technology Co., Ltd

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                  No. 9 Dongcheng 1st Street, Economic and Technological Development, Guangzhou




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